Forest Hill Camp - Red Cedar Lake - Glen Miller and Suzanne Steeb

Here’s the story of a man named Glen. Considers himself a mountain man, avid fisherman and hunter extraordinaire. Now I am not quite sure that’s the ranking he deserves in those areas but he certainly has tried most of his life. How we got to Marten River, well that is my story. I’m Sue, the other third of this family. Glen and I have a great friend that made a giant move from Kitchener to Marten River . We came up to Marten River with a caravan of trailers and stayed at Marten River Provincial Park. A glorious park if I do say so myself. All the way up the 400 and Hwy 11, I was looking at the road map and road signs, writing down places that I thought looked like awesome roads that might have a lake on them that maybe someday (over the rainbow) I might have the opportunity to move to and live out my days with my favorite things Rocks, water and trees and of course Glen and my Bouvier Shae.

Glen and Sue out on Red Cedar Lake

So we get to Marten River and I am awestruck . I mean, I am already thinking How the heck can I get to live up here??? Well it didn’t happen that year. We had a great vacation but went home to our humdrum life in Kitchener waiting for the next opportunity to come back to Marten River. That chance arrived in 2005, Glen and I came back to Marten River and stayed at our friends home this time. I think my friend was actually trying to haul us into his net because he took us to Marten Lake that first afternoon. WOW!!!!!!That is it for me, I am thinking so when we get home we are selling the house, quitting our jobs and moving our asses up here and there is no two ways about it. Luck was with me. That week I met another lovely woman who told me she heard from a little birdy that I wanted to live here and she happened to know of a place that was for sale. So, guess what?? Yeah, I go , look and no kidding the next week made an offer, got it, sold my house in one day and we were here 2 months later. How’s that for a story??!!??
Now let’s back up a little. Glen and I met 12 years ago and had a few mutual interests (along with our undying love for each other hee!hee!) We both love the outdoors: canoeing, camping, fishing, snowmobiling and campfires. We did a lot of canoeing on the Grand River , The Saugeen and a lot of other rivers and lakes.. We camped all summer long all over Central Ontario, Long Point,& Northern Ontario. We were your normal campers, we started out with the 2 man tent, & added some tarps , then got a bigger tent and bigger tarps, next we went to the Sportsman show and bought a Coleman Tahoe Hard top Tent Trailer. Now that was the big time for us and the dog was pretty damn happy too. We had a great time in that trailer and I do miss it. Now I live in a perpetual campground, wake up everyday with the freshest air you will ever breath and go to bed every night wondering where all those stars came from . It blows my mind to think that what I dreamed I may have in 20 years for retirement I have now to enjoy.
I have met some incredible people, one of which designed this website for me. The families that live in Marten river are a unique group of people and those that I have gotten to know are kind and generous. A|fter I moved here I found out that my Grandfather used to come up near this area fishing, I have old black and white pictures of him and my dad with his brothers holding up stringers of the biggest fish I think I have ever seen. I think that I was meant to be here, Hey, life hasn’t been a bowl of cherries, we have had tough times as far as employment goes. We never rented our cottages out to more than a handful of customers that were coming here for 25 plus years. At least before now. We have a beautiful spot and want to share it with others. I hope that after reading this you will be interested in coming to see us and our big, black and beautiful Bouvier. We will show you a great time, I guarantee you won’t want to leave. But of course you will have to, cause the mountain man, avid fisherman and hunter extraordinaire keeps me very busy. But I know after one visit I will haul you into my web that is Foresthill camp on Red Cedar Lake in Marten river , Ontario. So that’s the story of the man named Glen Some call him Mac from way back when I know he is happy certainly not blue Cause I moved him to Marten River, I did, Sue.


"I go back every year,Great fishing and great Owner's.You want quiet and peace .This is the place to be. You won't regret it and you WILL go back again and again."


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