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A fishing we will go……

So by now I must have you convinced to come to Foresthill Camp located on the beautiful Red Cedar Lake in Marten River and if I haven’t well here it goes. Water and more water as far as the eye can see. More water than you can fish in a lifetime. There are not to many days when we are not out fishing or someone we know is fishing. We go fishing in the summer, we fish in the fall and we always fish in the winter.

We have to the best of our knowledge Walleye/Pickerel, Northern Pike, Small Mouthed Bass, Perch, Whitefish, Catfish, Ling Cod & Herring all in Red Cedar Lake. The fishing is incredible and the experience with our fishing guide is bar none. Glen will show you every spot to guarantee you reel in the big one on every fishing excursion you have with us.

Then come back to your cottage at Foresthill Camp and cook up those filets over a fire, you might even convince him to do that for you. Or if you couldn’t wait we can set up a guiding day with Glen and let him cook you up a shore lunch that will etch this fishing experience as one of the best you have ever had. Whatever you choose to fish for we can set you up for a great fishing expedition. We have a boat launch and we also have boat rentals for those staying at our cottages.


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Located in Marten River, Ontario
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