Forest Hill Camp - Hunting in Northern Ontario...........

What would you like to hunt? No we don't have gazelle or warthogs. We don't hunt lions or rhinoceros. We don't have any caribou or grizzly bears but we do have black bear, deer, moose, duck, partridge and many more. Hunting is a way of life for many people in Marten River. At Foresthill camp we thoroughly enjoy all aspects of hunting. If hunting is what you enjoy then this just might be the place for you to come and enjoy.

Marten River is populated by so few people and the wildlife is abundant. In our 5 years here I have seen 4 Lynx, half dozen wolves, at least a dozen deer, too many bear to count, approximately 184 moose and just incase you didn't hear we have resident grouse. There are more than just that one grouse, they are all over the place, scaring the wits out of the dog and I when we go on hikes.

In case you haven't gathered by now hunting is necessary up here. We live in a Hunter's fantasy world, just the reason why I brought Glen here to Marten River. There is no need to travel far from our cottages at Foresthill Camp to right in the thick of a hunting wonderland. Whatever your hunt it will be entertaining and exhilarating. Keep in mind we expect you to be licensed to hunt and you must purchase the individual hunting licenses required for your specific animal of choice. Whatever your choice we can certainly accommodate all of your hunting needs.

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