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Red Cedar lake is a lake with many islands in it for adventurous exploration. Endless tracts of Boreal forest, a multitude of lakes and rivers all await your arrival. Marten River is an unspoiled natural wonder that if given the chance everyone should make the trek. Come back to our incredibly comfortable cottages after a day of exploration on the water but don`t forget the night brings it`s own magic with the billions of stars that are gloriously displayed in the night sky. You may even have the opportunity to catch the Aurora Borealis in it`s full wonder. The opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of our wildlife is excellent and breathtaking. You may be witness to a Bull Moose or a Cow and her calf, Black Bear, Lynx, Wolf, Blue Heron, Bald Eagles, Piliated Woodpeckers, River Otters, Sand Hill Cranes and much more. You may have the chance to catch sight of our resident Trumpeter Swan that has taken up residence on Holdridge Creek.

Sound too good to be true, it`s not, just join us for your vacation in one of our cottage rentals in Marten River, Ontario. In case you haven`t realized bring your camera or camcorder to catch some of the most spectacular photos you may ever take. Literally miles of untouched shoreline filled with wildlife for those avid photographers and hunters. If fishing is your angle then staying at our cottages is a definite. We offer guiding services to get the most out of your fishing vacation. We will show you the best fishing spots to guarantee success every cast. Pickeral, Pike and perch are the main catches in Red Cedar Lake. Truly a wonderful cottage experience that you don`t want to miss on Red Cedar Lake in gorgeous Marten River, Ontario.


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